baking tray

Baking tray


We are producer of high quality baking trays with long experience in sheet metal industry. Baking trays are designed for heavy duty use, long lastig and great durability.

Coated baking trays

Coated baking trays are developed especialy for use in bakery industry,
It is allways clean, free from crumps and no need to use baking paper at all.

All dimensions are avalable, we can make any dimension and thicknesses, standard and custom made. Peforation is mostly 3mm holes but it is possible 5mm as well.

Baking trays designed for

heavy duty use

long lasting

great durability

Baking tray
Baking tray
Coated baking tray

About us

We are company with over 40 years experience in sheet metal production, we are producing iron shoes for garment industrie and household ( baking trays all kind, and also plastic parts mostly from PA66. Our production is very good equiped with machinery, stamping and forming presses, injection moulding machines.

Developing is in CAD/CAM systems, we provide solutions and engineering for tooling and production for metal and plastic industry. We have over 600 clients worldwide.

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